Goal: $32,700


Below is a list of needs that we will have from now until the end of our 2018 summer camp season.  We have many legal costs coming up as we start the process to establish the camp as a non-profit here in Chile, and we are beginning to save in order to buy our own property and build a camp and church planting center.  Several of the directors staff and counseling staff are young men who desire to be pastors and church planters which is our idea from the start: to follow up and offer our help to the churches in discipling campers who accept Christ with hopes of starting bible studies that turn into churches when those campers find themselves in areas where there are no Bible-believing churches.  This vision will take a few years to come full-circle but this first phase of starting a camp ministry went off with a bang!  We just sent off one of our directors as he is now studying in Rio Grande Bible Institute to  return to Chile and go into full-time ministry.  Praise the Lord!  

  1.  Scholarships Camp 2018:  $80 per scholarship ($4800) (depending on the exchange rate)  – We are holding 4 weeks of camp this year and have over 250 campers who have verbally committed.  Would you consider providing for kids and teens that can’t afford to come to camp?  Especially those who are not believers?  Our program pays for the person who invites an unsaved person and also pays for the unsaved person so that they both come for free.   We hope to provide 20 scholarships per week, meaning 60 scholarships in total as one week is a family week. Thank you for prayerfully considering this great need and ministry.  Last year of the 20 scholarships given out, 13 trusted Christ as their Savior!

  2. Sponsor a Volunteer Camp 2018:  $100 per volunteer ($4000) – Our number of volunteers will also increase as we are looking to have 40 volunteers for next year and will be running for 5 weeks instead of 1 week (1 training week and 4 camp weeks).  We don’t want them to pay to work for us, so we have to provide for them, their meals and training.  Thank you for considering this in prayer, this is also providing for those young people and families who are considering a future in full-time ministry.  We will be charging a fee for the volunteers but we hope that we do not have to charge that fee.

  3. Bus Rental 2018:  $1200 –  Renting a bus 6 times for 3 weeks of camp because the majority of the teens won’t be able to afford transportation to the camp which is an hour outside of Santiago. 

  4. Travel & Lodging Expenses for Invited Speakers 2018:  $2000 – This was an expense we had to take on ourselves this year and are paying it off still.  Would you consider paying for speaking costs?  This includes travel costs and lodging for 3 sets of speakers. 

  5. Buying or Rental of a Storage Shed (Rental $2400/year or Buying $3000 container) – The downside of not owning property yet is that we don’t have anywhere to store the things we made and bought for camp so we can use it again next year.  We either need to buy, which would be more cost effective because we could sell it later or use it for many years, or rent a storage unit.  Would you prayerfully consider this cost? 

  6. Camp T-Shirts for all Staff and Campers with Camp Logo 2018:  $1200  (promotion for future)

  7. Printing Costs 2018:  $1000

  8. Tents for Workers to Stay In:  $2000 

  9. Rental of Property for 5 Weeks:  $ 6000 – The first year the owner let us use his land for free, this year we can’t expect that of him again nor do we want to take advantage of his generosity.  Thanks for prayerfully considering this.

  10. Legal Costs – $4000 – The Lord has provided for about half of this, would you prayerfully consider the other half?  

  11. Rental of an Office in the City – $5500 per year  – The Lord has opened a door for us to have an office space in the center of the city in Santiago through a Christian business man whose son attended camp.  This is half the price of what it normally costs.  An opportunity that is priceless.   This is not a need but it would be a bonus as establishing a presence in the city would be a big plus.  

  12. Purchase of tools – $2000 – we are beginning to build up our own “tool kit”.

Thank You For Considering Supporting Our Camp Financially and Prayerfully.  To God Be the Glory. 


Your donation is a tax-deductible donation because it is going through a non-profit organization IBM Global (www.IBMGlobal.org)

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