We are currently accepting donations for camper scholarships  and for camp worker scholarships.    Would you prayerfully consider supporting a camper or camp worker?  Click on the button below and then go to the “Make a Donation” button to give towards  scholarships or other camp needs.


Camper Scholarships:  $100 per camper for one week of camp summer 2020.  These are given to the young person who is not “churched” and also to the young believer who invited them to camp, spurring on the Great Commision.

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Goal: 60


Camp Worker Scholarships:  $100 per worker for the 3 weeks of camp summer 2019.   These are given to the young men and women who volunteer their time to work at camp, living out and sharing the Gospel in front of the young teen campers.

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Goal: 30


So far God has allowed us to see 41 salvation decisions, 15 decided to go into full-time ministry, 41 decided to take classes in a Baptist Seminary, and 61 dedication decisions.


Camp Needs:  Please pray for the following needs.

1. Camp & Church Planting Center Property  – We currently rent a different property every year.  God has done some great things as we go from property to property.  We would like to rent the same property that we did this last year.  (See video HERE).  Would you pray for HIS provision for our own property?   We are diligently keeping our eyes open and researching properties even though we do not have much $$ to buy a property.  We are trusting in the LORD’S provision.


CLICK HERE to buy Twin Valley Coffee and the proceeds go to Tierra Alta Camp & Church Planting Center

2. Scholarships for Campers 2020  $100 per scholarship ($6000) * (depending on the exchange rate)  – We are planning 4 weeks of camp for the 2020 summer in January and Feb.  Would you consider providing for kids and teens that can’t afford to come to camp?  Especially those who are not believers?  Our program pays for the person who invites an unsaved person and also pays for the unsaved person so that they both come on scholarship.   We hope to provide 20 scholarships per week, meaning 60 scholarships in total. Thank you for prayerfully considering this great need and ministry.

3. Sponsor a Volunteer 2020:  $200 per volunteer ($6000)* – Our number of volunteers will also increase as we are looking to have over 80 volunteers.  We don’t want them to pay to work for us, but we have to provide for them, their meals and training.  To help with the cost we are looking for 30 scholarships to be given for these young adult workers.  Thank you for considering this in prayer, this is also providing for those young people  who are considering a future in full-time ministry, we currently have four taking seminary classes!  We will be charging a fee for the volunteers but we hope that we do not have to charge that fee.

4. Bus Rental 2020:  $2400 * –  Renting a buses several times for 3 weeks of camp because the majority of the teens won’t be able to afford transportation to the camp which is an hour outside of Santiago. (P.S. pray for a property close enough to Santiago so that we don’t need this type of transportation in the future, they could use the city transportation.)

5. Travel & Lodging Expenses for Invited Speakers 2020:  $1500 – This was an expense we had to take on ourselves this last year and are paying it off still.  Would you consider paying for speaking costs?  This includes travel costs and lodging for 3 sets of speakers.

6. Buying Storage Container: $4500 – Because we are always on different rental sites, we have a 1/2 container that we truck into each site that stores all the camp items, games, bunk beds, large tents, ect.  It’s time for a 2nd container as the 1st one is bursting from the seems.   We also need provision to transport them each summer and rent out the space where we keep them during the year.

7. Camp T-Shirts for all Staff with Camp Logo 2020:  $1200  

8. Printing Costs 2019:  $1000

9. Tents for Workers to Stay In:  $2000 

10. Legal Costs – $3000 – We are in talks setting up the camp as a non-profit and also protecting the name and logo.

11. Purchase of tools – $2000 – we are beginning to build up our own “tool kit”.

12. 100 Bed Cushions$3000* – God provided amazingly for the cost of buying/building bunk beds here in Chile, now we need to complete these beds with bed cushions.  We currently have a certain cloth that serves as a sort of bunk bed hammock that will work for the next couple of years.

13. Big Screen TV – $800*  We are in need of a Big Screen TV and stand to project the sermons, lessons, songs, videos, and games which all needs to be able to be seen in the daylight, since we meet in open air, meaning it needs to be industrial strength.  Help us teach God’s Word through a TV and a TV Stand

Thank You For Considering Supporting Our Camp Financially and Prayerfully.  To God Be the Glory.  What a privilege it is to depend on you for the establishment of a camp that can be sustained on its own in the future!


Your donation is a tax-deductible donation because it is going through a non-profit organization IBM Global (www.IBMGlobal.org)

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. We are simply amazed and humbled by your generosity and count it a privilege to be your hands and feet on the front lines.  Please keep praying for us and for the ministry God has called us:  Starting Churches through Camp Ministries in Santiago, Chile.

May God bless you richly,

Jared, Naldy, Tomas, Kelcy &  Annelise Park