Park Family Needs

Amount Still Needed : $3665 monthly


(Updated March 2019)
  1.  House – We have temporarily suspended our search for a house until our return from furlough in January 2020.  The housing cost here has skyrocketed in the last 10 years making it very difficult to locate a house in a decent part of city and meeting our schooling and ministry needs.  Housing here in Santiago is more expensive than all but 7 cities in the USA (NY, San Fran, LA, Chicago, Honolulu, Washington, and Miami according to  We have found out that no banks will approve a mortgage for us since our salary comes from outside of Chile.   We are currently living with Naldy’s Parents on the second floor and would like to buy a house upon our return from furlough in 2020 unless God provides miraculously before then.  Would you pray we would find a house in God’s timing and God’s place?  Would you pray for Gods provision since we will need to save up a large amount of money for a downpayment, since no bank here in Chile will give us a mortgage? We are praising God in advance for whatever He provides.

  2.  Bank – as stated above it is next to impossible for us to get a mortgage at any back in Chile because of circumstance, in fact, in order to be approved for a mortgage one must get a checking account first at the same bank here, without it one cannot get that mortgage (which we cannot obtain even if we get a checking account, so we have been told)   Would you pray for a checking account approval with a bank that might give us a good rate for a mortgage?  Even though we have been told we cannot get a mortgage, things always could change.   It would be cheaper to buy a house outright, cash, but that is very unrealistic for us.  There are many houses up for auction that are less than half the cost of similar houses but one must pay the bill 100% upfront with cash which we don’t have, making us dependent on finding a bank and getting a housing loan or saving up and depositing in a checking account here.  UPDATE:  We have been informed that it is next to impossible for us to find a bank that will give us a mortgage since I do not work for a company here in Chile.  Please keep praying, we have decided that in the short term we will not be looking for a house until we return from furlough, Lord willing, in 2020.

  3. Work Laptop for Video Editing–  we are still using our laptop that we traveled with to raise support, so far it has been great, but now that camp has started the need for a good computer that can  handle video editing has become very evident.  Computers are much more expensive here in Chile.  Would you pray for God to provide a good video editing computer that we can use for the camp ministry?  We have a desktop that is great, but now that the ministry has grown, a need for a portable laptop that we can have “on the ground” that can also edit video is becoming more essential?  This would save us hours of time, energy and money.

  4. Dish Washer – it has become very hard to keep up with all the dishes because of having so many people over so many times.  A dishwasher would help tremendously, although our current housing situation doesn’t allow, we hope to be able to get one when we buy a house.  Would you pray for Gods provision for a dishwasher?

  5. Storage Container (This is also on the ministry camp needs list) – storage units here are much more expensive than in the USA, 3 or 4 times more expensive.  With all the items we built and bought for our camp ministry last summer we have a major storage need.  We would like to buy a container that doubles as an office or cabin in the summer time.  Of course if our future house had enough yard space we could build a shed and store the things there, but that might be out of our price range to buy a property with that kind of space and typically the housing is smaller here. Would you pray for God to provide storage space?

  6. Minivan or Large SUV – This has become a priority since our 3 child was born a few days ago, May 15th.  Chilean Law requires car seats until kids are 7 years old. Three car seats simply do not fit in our current vehicle.  We also have a need to transport people and things quite often for the camp and church planting ministry, meaning we need a minivan or similar type vehicle.  Diesel here is much cheaper than gas, almost half the price.  We have a small SUV diesel and absolutely love it, but we have grown out of it and need more room.  There is no lemon-law here in Chile making it very difficult to find a good used car, and also prices are more than the USA, double and even triple the cost for a used vehicle.  Would you pray for the opportunity and the funds to buy a diesel minivan or suburban style vehicle?  We will sell our current vehicle to put towards buying this used car.  We are praising God in advance for whatever He provides.  UPDATE:  We found a deal too good to pass up, so we put a new vehicle on our credit card.  The Lord provided a 2007 Suburban for a steal.  Please pray that we can sell our personal car to help pay for this Suburban!  Pray that we can pay off the credit card.

  7. Personal Monthly Support – We are currently under-supported by almost $3500 monthly.   Would you pray for God to lead us to people, families, churches and organizations that will support us financially on a monthly basis?  Maybe you know of a friend, organization or church that you think would be a good fit and can recommend us to them?  We absolutely love sharing about all God is doing here!
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Below are three avenues by which you can support us financially.

  1. You may donate online by clicking HERE
    This is the easiest and most convenient way to give.  It also allows one to use a credit or debit card and gives you the option to donate automatically every month.
  2. Or you can simply write a check made out to IBM Global with a memo that says “For Jared & Naldy Park”.   You may send it to IBM Global, their contact information is HERE
  3. You can also support us annually by doing your taxes with Beacon Tax Services.  This Christian Tax Company has promised to send 100% of their profit from those who use their service and wish to support us.  One just has to hire them to do their taxes and let them know you would like their profits to go towards our ministry.  This will serve you with a professional tax service and they, intern, support our ministry.  To learn more about them, click HERE

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about our financial needs, please never forget to pray for us.  The financial aspect is our physical aspect of providing for and living in Chile as a family, we have many other needs that we share through prayer requests.  Would you consider praying on a consistent basis for us by signing up for our prayer letter?   You can do that HERE.  

Thanks again and God bless you richly.