Park Family Needs

God is Working! 

Through Your Help He will continue to work!


This page is to keep you up-to-date as to what our monthly needs are in order to reach 100% of our support.  You can click the button below to donate online through  a credit or debit card, or read further for other options.

Click Here to see a list of items we need and are praying for God to provide.

Amount Still Needed : $2,200 monthly

(Updated December 2018)
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Below are three avenues by which you can support us financially.

  1. You may donate online by clicking HERE
    This is the easiest and most convenient way to give.  It also allows one to use a credit or debit card and gives you the option to donate automatically every month.
  2. Or you can simply write a check made out to IBM Global with a memo that says “For Jared & Naldy Park”.   You may send it to IBM Global, their contact information is HERE
  3. You can also support us annually by doing your taxes with Beacon Tax Services.  This Christian Tax Company has promised to send 100% of their profit from those who use their service and wish to support us.  One just has to hire them to do their taxes and let them know you would like their profits to go towards our ministry.  This will serve you with a professional tax service and they, intern, support our ministry.  To learn more about them, click HERE

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about our financial needs, please never forget to pray for us.  The financial aspect is our physical aspect of providing for and living in Chile as a family, we have many other needs that we share through prayer requests.  Would you consider praying on a consistent basis for us by signing up for our prayer letter?   You can do that HERE.  

Thanks again and God bless you richly.