Come Visit Us

Weather you are considering being a missionary, would like to take a missions trip, or be an intern, we’d love to have you come visit us here in Chile. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed the groups and individuals/interns that have come to be a part of our ministry.  These mission trips not only leave a lasting impact on the people we are serving, they leave an even bigger impact on those who come.  We would be honored to partner with you in this way.

Knowing Spanish is not a requirement.  You can come weather you know how to speak Spanish or not.   We have many different ways one can help without a need to speak the language, all’s we need is hands and feet who are willing to come serve underneath a national brother/sister in Christ as we all serve together.

Santiago, Chile is a fairly modern city.  The country of Chile is stable economically and is relatively the most stable country in South America until recent political motivated violence.  It has typically been a great place for one to “get their feet wet” in missions and also is strategic hub to focus on in order to reach the rest of South America and the world. 

If you would like to plan a trip or discuss options you may contact us HERE.

Oportunities to Serve Include:

  • Teaching at an all English Speaking Christian School that serves Pre-K to 12th grade. Housing Is provided on campus.
  • Interships
  • In Season Camp Trip to help with the operations of our summer camp ministry in January/Feb of every year.

Things to Consider

Travel Costs:

Airline Ticket – $1200/person or less

Room, Board, Transportation:  $45/day or less

Emergency Money: $200/person to be carried in cash and not to be spent.

Personal Spending Money: ?

Total:  $1650 or less + emergency fund + preparation costs

Preparation Costs:

  • USA Passport: $60/person who does not already have a passport                                         (Be sure to apply at least 6-8 weeks before your trip)
  • Materials to Bring: Tents, sleeping bags, pillows & blankets, tools, food to bring that you can’t live without in case Chile doesn’t have it (like Dr. Pepper Root Beer, Cheerios, ect), extra luggage costs, and more.
  • Background Checks: Personal background check to be done by their church or by the individual and submitted to us before the trip.  Background checks should include history in all 50 states of the USA.
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